Find what matters

We are a team that prioritize the search for what matters above all else.  We love our jobs and our lives, and won’t settle for anything less. Our work is an opportunity to grow, reach, and push our limits to our fullest potential.

It is more than just designing and making products. It’s about the people behind the process and all of you throughout the world who share the same values. We are on an adventure and hope you’ll join us.

What inspire us

Looking for a change, a different sight of making things, we create a product with a unique spirit. This is what gives our team the energy to work hard in our project day after day.

Driven by detail

With a workshop based in Buenos Aires, the manufacturing process was designed by our team to guarantee the craftsmanship spirit of the products we create.

Beginning with wood selection, till lens cleaning, every step requires special attention.
After all the smallest details are the one which make our eyewear something unique.

The story so far

Over the last years we have gone through a road full of mistakes and successes to finally create Numag. We start with some years of development in the garage of our house, working day and night to achieve the goal of reaching a product to really be proud of. From the beginning our project has had the freedom to be what we wanted it to be. Joseph, Paul and Fernando founded the company with the entrepreneurial spirit and blood in their veins. And we know that Numag will never lose that essence.

Instead of thinking in a hurry to grow, we attempt to achieve the best possible product. Every day we seek to improve something. Every millimeter of our glasses was studied in depth. For us, that means taking control of the whole process, and devote the necessary time for everything to be as it was designed.

All the hands together

Instead of the traditional separation between design, manufacturing, and marketing management where areas are not mixed. In our case, all the areas are within a few meters of the workshop where we manufacture our products. We like dynamic roles where jobs intersect, collaborate, and evolve every day. Here everyone thinks about anything, from people that are using our glasses to anyone related to our daily work. We want to improve and we believe that collaborating is the only way. The isolated work here does not exist.

Traditionally there are two extremes: mass-produced items that are made in large factories by anonymous workers who create profitability through scale; and on the other hand products produced in small quantities by qualified individuals with technical skills. We took place in between both ends combining technology with a termination by hand to control the smallest detail. Because we believe that machines will never overcome the passion of the work of one person.

We like to think that our greatest contribution is through sharing our way, either through our products or our history.

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