We guarantee your Numag against manufacturing defects for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase. If your glasses are outside the warranty period, or have a defect that is not a manufacturing one, we can repair it with a cost to be determined.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR GLASSES NUMAG TO OUR DISTRIBUTORS, we offer this service only. Finally, please retain your proof of purchase to make use of the warranty. 

Do not try to put your prescription lenses in your Numag. At the moment they are only suitable to wear sunglasses without any graduation.
To send a warranty request please write us an email to:

Numag Team.


It is important to note that your glasses Numag are a unique and handmade piece, so we recommend you treat them carefully and store them in a place not exposed to any kind of hit. All woods have a special treatment that protects your glasses from moisture, sun and water.
To clean your lenses you can use the microfiber cloth included in the pack along with a little water if they are very dirty. We advise you not to use other products as they may scratch the lens.

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